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Pre-Rosh Hashana Luncheon

Please join us on September 28th for our Pre-Rosh Hashana Luncheon

Registration closes on September 20th
Reserve a table for 10 people, with family style dining, and place a dedication in the Weekly- $350
Reserve seats with seating requests and family style dining- $25/seat
No reservation, buffet dining- Free

Family Style Dining Menu: Challah and Grape Juice, Meat Cholent, Vegetarian Cholent (by request), Green Salad, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Pickle & Olive Tray, Potato Kugel, Soda, and Dessert

Buffet Menu: Meat Cholent, Vegetarian Cholent, Green Salad, Herring & Kichel, Sheet Cake

Wed, January 29 2020 3 Shevat 5780