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Facility Rental


The Gittel and Zvi Weiss Building of the Green Road Synagogue is a fantastic place to celebrate your smachot! Our building boasts many beautiful event spaces. 

Our spacious social hall can be fully opened for a large event or divided to create more intimate spaces. Each section of the hall has it's own washing station and the overhead and wall lighting can both be adjusted to your specific needs. 


Our stunning Beit Midrash is perfect for an intimate Bar Mitzvah, brit milah, chossen's tish, or a learning event or shiur. With floor to ceiling windows, clean design, and wall to wall bookcases the room is cheerful, bright, and studious.

Nearing completion, our Sanctuary is a masterpiece. Perfect for weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, a large brit milah, or other gathering. The original stained glass has been fully refurbished and installed on two-thirds of each floor to ceiling window to magnificent effect. The millwork on the aron implies the rays of the sun as they shine down from the ceiling height windows overhead. Our beautiful mechitza echos this pattern and the glass panels can be easily raised or lowered in accordance with the needs of your event.


The Mendy Klein Continuity Garden, provides a beautiful outdoor event space. Perfect for the chupah, kabalas panim, chossen's tish, cocktail hour, or even to be used to extend your event space. Located off the social hall and the youth wing, this gated space is beautiful, intimate, and inviting.


Even our halls were designed with events in mind. With high ceilings, tall windows to let in natural light, adjustable lighting, and plenty of space, the Timberlane entrance hall is a beautiful space for cocktails, brunch, or a seated dinner. The Green Road entrance is marked by a large window that looks directly into the Mendy Klein Continuity Garden providing a beautiful back drop for your tish, buffet, or other gathering.


Finally, the Youth Wing Beit Midrash is the perfect space for more intimate events. With floor to ceiling windows and a clean color palette the room feels open and inviting without overwhelming a smaller gathering.

For more information please call the office at 216-381-4757.

Photos Coming Soon!

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782