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Green Road Synagogue Tribute & Memorial Page


May G-d remember the soul of my Father, my teacher....May G-d remember the soul of my Mother, my teacher....

Batsheva Atkin

Bertram Siegel z"l, beloved Father

Rose Siegel z"l, beloved Grandmother

Jack & Reba Silinger z"l, beloved Grandparents

Hillel Chiel & Liz Dreben

Rabbi Samuel Chiel z"l, beloved Father

Professor Burton Dreben z"l, beloved Father

Bruce & Malka Daskal

Alex & Esther Daskal z"l, beloved Parents

Meir & Zehava Daskal z"l, beloved Parents

Avi & Sarah Ehrenreich

Karen Ehrenreich z"l, beloved Mother and Grandma

Bertram Siegel z"l, beloved Grandfather

Doniel & Leah Ehrenreich

Karen Ehrenreich z"l, beloved Mother

Leonard & Rochelle Ehrenreich

Rochel Leah bat Shabtai z"l, beloved Mother

Avrohom Yonah ben Yitzchak Isaac z"l, beloved Father

Leah bat Reb Moshe z"l, beloved Mother

Rav Tzvi Hirsch ben Reb Moshe z"l, beloved Father

Shabtai ben Avrohom Baruch z"l, beloved Grandfather

Malka Perel bat Dov Berel z"l, beloved Grandmother

Kayla bat Shmuel z"l, beloved Wife

Marc & Lauren Ehrenreich

Karen Ehrenreich z"l, beloved Mother

Meshullum & Elene Feigenbaum

Henry Gutman z"l, beloved Father

Helene Gutman z"l, beloved Mother 

Joseph Feigenbaum, beloved Father

Sonja Feigenbaum z"l, beloved Mother

Shimon Fuchs

Sarah Fuchs z"l, beloved Wife

Yitzchok Fuchs z"l, beloved Father

Ita Fuchs z"l, beloved Mother

Julian & Ilka Gordon

Joseph Gordon z"l, beloved Father

Kate Miller Gordon z"l, beloved Mother

Emo E. Gottlieb z"l, beloved Father

Estelle Gottlieb z"l, beloved Mother

Mendy & Becki Gecovich

Dovie, Eitan, & Jakey Gecovich

Jack Gecovich z"l, beloved Father and Zaidy

Jennifer Mintz z"l, beloved Mother and Savta 

Judith Hersh

Ted Hersh z"l, beloved Husband

Ken & Lisa Ingber

David Ingber z"l, beloved Father

Ari & Marlyn Jaffe

Susan Bloch z"l, beloved Mother

Minda Jaffe z"l, beloved Mother

Jack Jaffe

Minda Jaffe z"l, beloved Wife

Alice Zipkin z"l, beloved Sister

Helen Klein

Sam Davis z"l, beloved Father

Rachel Davis z"l, beloved Mother

Eugene Klein z"l, beloved Husband

Moish & Robyn Lovinger

Henry & Gizella Lovinger z"l, beloved Parents

Carl & Janie Fischer z"l, beloved Parents

Bryan &  Raizel Michelow

Cecil Michelow z"l, beloved Father

Rabbi Tzvi Roszler z"l, beloved Father

Maureen Roszler z"l, beloved Mother

Tamas & Esther Muencz

Chana Steiger z"l, beloved Mother

Daju & Etilka Steiger z"l, beloved Grandparents

Sal & Rose Gancz z"l, beloved Parents

Nachum & Chasya Gancz z"l, beloved Grandparents

Velvel & Perel Rutko z"l, beloved Grandparents

Herschel & Sheila Pearl-Pickholtz

Goldie Pearl z"l, beloved Mother, Wife, Grandmother

Joseph Pearl z"l, beloved Father, Husband, Grandfather

David Nittskoff & Thelma Silver

Mindell (Mae) Nittskoff z"l, beloved Mother and Grandmother

Harold Nittskoff z"l, beloved Father and Grandfather

Mike Silver z"l, beloved Father and Grandfather

Esther Rutman

Rabbi David Zwick z"l, beloved Father

Leah Zwick z"l, beloved Mother

Bernie Rutman z"l, beloved Husband

Milan & Erika Simonovic

Karl Simonovic z"l, beloved Father

Berta Simonovic z"l, beloved Mother

Ida Holden z"l, beloved Mother

Steve & Michal Soclof

Alan B. Soclof z"l, beloved Father and Grandfather

Zvi Shuldiner z"l, beloved Father and Grandfather

Igor & Tatyana Spira

Chaya Sara bat Avraham Moshe z"l, beloved Mother

Mayer ben Avraham Moshe z"l, beloved Father

Miriam bat Yitzchak z"l, beloved Mother

Yehoshua ben Eliyahu z"l, beloved Father

Paula Aviva Stern

Menachem Zev z"l, beloved Father

Hanna Malka z"l, beloved Mother

Josh & Elizabeth Sunshine

Dr. Herbert Sunshine z"l, beloved Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather

Rabbi Tzvi and Maureen Roszler z"l, beloved Parents, Grandparents, and Great-Grandparents

Albert Uvlin

Cynthia Uvlin z"l, beloved Wife

William Uvlin, beloved Father

Gussie Uvlin, beloved Mother

Michael & Miki Wieder

Norman Wieder z"l, beloved Father

Michael Altman z"l, beloved Father

Edith Altman z"l, beloved Mother

Eric & Rosa Yudelevich

Miriam bat Shmuel z"l, beloved Mother

Lipa ben Tzvi z"l, beloved Father

Ada bat Moshe z"l, beloved Grandmother

Rajel bat Avraham z"l, beloved Grandmother

Legacy Memorial

Herman Adler z"l

Mayer Berkovics z"l

Benjamin Berkowitz z"l

Zoltan Blaustein z"l

Renee Edelman z"l

Bernard Eisner z"l

Lois Feig z"l

Sam Feig z"l

Arthur Feuer z"l (Fairmount)

Arthur Feuer z"l (University Heights)

Harold Feuer z"l

Michael Fishman z"l

Zoltan Fried z"l

Sam Friedman z"l

Joe Greenberg z"l

David Ingber z"l

Paul Isakowitz z"l

Sam Teitelbaum z"l

Elias Jacobs z"l

Manfred Justmann z"l

Gene Klein z"l

Jack Markowitz z"l

Martin Markowitz z"l

Felix Meyer z"l

William Miller z"l

Max Moskowitz z"l

Martin Newman z"l

Edith Pearl z"l

Joe Pearl z"l

Sol Pearl z"l

Victor Rosenbaum z"l

Sam Roth z"l

Al Simon z"l

Sidney Simon z"l

Max Solomon z"l

George Weiner z"l 

George Weisz z"l

Benny Wieder z"l

Joseph Wolf z"l

Harry Zicherman z"l

Holocaust Memorial

May the All-Merciful Father Who dwells in the supernal heights, in His profound compassion, remember with mercy the pious, the upright and the perfect ones, the holy communities who gave their lives for the sanctification of the Divine Name.

Fri, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781